Archaeology in the News Round Weekly Round Up. 10/1/11

These are some stories that caught my attention over the past week.

Bones Don’t Lie – Bones Abroad: What to see in Rome

My freind is in Rome doing a bit of sight seeing, and while she’s at it she posted about all the cool things she saw, Including this gem :

 Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini
Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini

Remington Carriage Museum, Cardston, Alberta

My Friend @Elfshot went to the Remington Carriage Museum and showed his age just a bit.

Archy goes to the Creation Expo.

I went to the Creation Expo and got a bit more then I barged for.

We found a new way to view the Dead Sea Scrolls

The scrolls have been digitized in a way that you can move a viewer over the different pieces of the scroll and it will translate the passages as you move over them.

800-year-old remains of witch discovered in a graveyard in Tuscany, Italy

I’m trying to dig up some great Halloween flavored posts for the October month, this one was great!

Burial site believed linked to Vikings is centuries older

Where a Viking Site is re-dated to pre-viking times. ( I do love my Vikings)

Food archaeologist gives new life to nearly extinct grains, veggies

Where we learn how cool archaeology really is!

and lastly,

Project Eliseg

Which “is a collaborative archaeological research project investigating one of Britain’s most enigmatic early medieval monuments: The Pillar of Eliseg, near Llangollen, in north-east Wales.”

They did a great job of using video and blog site to keep the public informed on their projects progress.

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