Long Pause…

So, a few of you might be wondering where I’ve been since Gen Con. Two words, Grad School.

Gen Con was a last hurrah of a sorts for me, last hurrah of free time. I’m only taking two classes this semester and so far they are both kicking my ass, though I will admit that I just got a handle on my Remote Sensing class. Just FYI, if you ever thought, “Gee, I want a class that will combine Computer Programming, Physics, Analytics, and pretty colors,” Remote Sensing is for you. For those of us who fail hard at math, this is a challenge. I mean, the formulas they give me in the book don’t even have numbers…just strange symbols that might be alien in origin. Sadly, that excuse didn’t fly with my RS instructor, so I’m back to rote memorization…

BTW, anyone know how to use ERDAS Imagine 2011? Hit me up, I may need a tutor.

My GIS class is a lot better, it’s mostly learning where to get data and then how to covert said data into pretty maps. I dig maps, maps be cool.

On the up side, I am trying to figure out how to use both of these classes in my debunking. It would be fun and keep my skills sharp, which is why I debunk in the first place. So look forward to some awesome maps and maybe some pretty colors soon.

When I’m not nose deep in a book or in class I am working full-time for the DHPA here. So not a lot of free time during the day either. Which is why I haven’t made the last few vids for my YouTube series on the 10 Most Not-So-Puzzling Ancient Artifacts. I need to find a way to carve out some time where I can do my blogging and my Vid making, course if I was any kind of planner I would have foreseen this issue, made a crap ton of back posts and vids, and then released them over time. obviously, I am not a planner.

However, I wanted to assure everyone that I haven’t gone anywhere and I am still working hard on both this blog and my Channel. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I promise to get the last bit of the 10 Most done this month so we can all move on to Who Discovered America (Now with Maps!), which I know some people are looking forward too.

Also, two other side projects that are in the works, and people can way in on them.

1) My partner and I are thinking about starting a Science Channel on YouTube. Well do fun experiments, teach classes, interview cool people, and other such things. We’ll have our topics broken up into “Shows” so like we’ll have a Mr. Wizard type experiment show, and maybe a Bill Nye kinds science explanation show, with episodes you know? What do you think?

2) I am scratching my creative nerve by putting together some ArchyFantaises merchandise. I have no clue where I will host it or what all I am going to offer, definitely T-shirts, but maybe also some custom cards, mugs. You know, fun, cheep stuff with witty sayings or cool pictures on them. Again, Thoughts?

Anyway, thanks again and I’ll post soon with real info.

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