OMG: Jesus was married!

Though I do want to say this is not definitive evidence of anything, except that some dude named Jesus was married…

Why Evolution Is True

Well, the debate continues over whether a historical Jesus really existed, but in the meantime a fourth-century fragment of papyrus manuscript, written in Coptic (below), has appeared suggesting that God Incarnate might have had a wife.  I saw this on the evening news, but there’s a fuller description at Live Science and Yahoo News. Live Science reported yesterday:

A Harvard historian has identified a faded, fourth-century scrap of papyrus she calls “The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife.” One line of the torn fragment of text purportedly reads: “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife …'” The following line states, “she will be able to be my disciple.”

The finding was announced to the public today (Sept. 18) by Karen King, a historian of early Christianity, author of several books about new Gospel discoveries and the Hollis professor of divinity at Harvard Divinity School. King first examined the privately owned fragment in…

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  1. This fragment does not mention “Jesus” but an “IS” who, I think we must assume, is the same “IS” and “ISE” appearing in other early texts claimed (without evidence) as Christian.

    What is it evidence for? Not that there was either a Jesus or IS who married, but that somebody in Egypt wrote in the 4th century that this character had been married.

    For those who would like to learn a little more, I will mention these two facts:
    1. There is no direct mention of “Jesus Christ” until the medieval period.
    2. In 4th-century Egypt, the Manichaeans were in Egypt and they did write of this IS/ISE divine man.


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