Weekly Archaeology Round-Up

Apparently people like weekly round-ups of the highlights of my week, which unfortunately for you, mostly revolves around study, eating, working, and sleeping. However  I do manage to read and watch a few things, so in the spirit of the round-up, I will share them here with you. Enjoy!

Current books I am reading: I have managed to squeeze a few pages of The Silver Hand by Stephen R. Lawhead in. It’s the second book in the Song of Albion series, and a really good fantasy epic. It takes place in a parallel world that is apparently inhabited by immortal Celts. Tow guys from our world magically get transported there, and start a civil war of sorts among the largest of the ruling tribes, causing a great evil to be unleashed and the world of Albion to become endangered. IN this book, Lewis is trying to drag Simon back to their world before Simon can cause irreversible damage, but he also has to deal with being a King in exile, since Simon kinda killed the last one. It’s a good read and full of fun myth and historical blending to create a rich fantasy world.

I am, of course, participating in NaNoWriMo, but am probably not going to make it this year. Still, I did get quite of bit of work done on my thesis, so all in all, a win for me.

And a few things I read that I wanted to share, (with links this time)

Mesolithic man find could rewrite Stone Age history – This one is out of the BBC and a little misleading. There is evidence of Mesolithic human presence, but not individual remains. Thanks again media!

A Sneak Peek At The Soon-To-Reopen National Museum Of Iraq – This is a nice one since we bombed the crap out of Iraq, not bothering to avoid historical sites. Still, the museum has clawed its way back, and I for one am glad for it.

And Lastly, How Vikings killed time because I love my Viking, here Leszek Gardela uses archaeological findings and Viking sagas to figure out how the Norse killed time, and sometimes each other. It’s interesting, and I like that she says to take this ll with a grain of salt.

So, enjoy what I’ve killed my free time on this week, and with luck we’ll have another wrap-up next Sunday!



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