And That’s it for the First Semester!

What have I learned? That I couldn’t have made it this semester without open source papers, class notes from other schools, and the library. Seriously, I had two classes this semester  one with a decent enough teacher who understood the idea of an intro class, the other was with a teacher who didn’t know the material he was covering.  This made the class very difficult, I feel cheated because I didn’t learn a whole lot, and I still pulled an A. Not where I want to be going into advanced class on Remote Sensing.

But the openness of the academic community online, particularly to other colleges’s past classes on remote sensing  really helped me figure a few things out. If I hadn’t had access to them I would not have been able to finish this class.  So, if you area a teacher, and you get asked to put your stuff on-line, please do, you have no clue how many other student’s you are reaching.

That all said, I’ve got most of one book read and have started on a second for the next series on this blog, we’re going to examine who really discovered America, I just need a snazzy title for the series, suggestions are welcome.

In the meantime, I’m going to provide a brief  history of Remote Sensing in Archaeology, you know, some facts with our fiction!


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