Stonehenge: a picture that’s about to change forever

Apparently, they are doing work out at Stonehenge to remove the parking-lots in order to preserve and improve the visitor experience. Possibly even to improve actual research (that would be nice).

The Heritage Journal

The above photograph (taken last Saturday and posted on the CASPN Facebook page) brings home just how popular Stonehenge can be on a hot summer’s day and the practical difficulties that poses. Soon though much of what is in the picture will disappear forever – the cars, the buses, the A344, the outmoded visitor centre and the carpark – and good riddance to them all. It would be hard to find anyone that won’t be pleased.

One element of the picture won’t disappear though: the hoards of visitors, perhaps more than 1,000 of them per hour. So in reality true “splendid isolation” will remain an impossible dream. Stonehenge is a victim of it’s own popularity and no-one can save it from that. The one consolation is that while the crowds are massing at Stonehenge, those who seek out the hidden and largely unsung heritage sites within the UK will have…

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