Proto-Chinese, Day of Archaeology, and Ticks: Weekly Round-up for 7/27/13

As usual the weekend has snuck up on me. I blame homework. Aside from learning the difference between a Fluxgate Gradiometer and a Cesium-Vapor Magnetometer is, learning that fire makes dirt magnetic, running three times a week, and working with the DNR Forestry Archaeologist i managed to read about:

China Discovers Some Of The World’s Oldest Writing 

– I’m not the hugest fan of the HuffPo, but I do read it sometimes. Apparently Chinese archaeologists found a sizable cash of artifacts, some of them demonstrating what could be a proto-Chinese script. That’s pretty cool.

Day of Archaeology July 26th 2013.

Keep your eyes peeled folks! I am participating in the awesome Day of Archaeology again! This will make year two for me. If you like you can see what I did for the past two years (I did my own thing in 2011), and anticipate what I’m going to do for this years. 

Day of Archaeology 2012

Day of Archaeology 2011


Gen Con!

Also, Gen Con moved my rooms for my talks this August, so if you bought tickets to my two talks, I have mentioned I’m giving talks right, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the room change. I’m hoping they’re nicer rooms this year, not so much running around.

if you were wondering just what I was doing for Gen Con this year, here’s the list:

I’m giving two talks this year, I’m experimenting with Noon times, so brown bag it if you want too.

SEM1341415 Archaeology Vs Pseudo-Archaeology – Friday, August 15th at 12:00 pm

–        Ever wonder what Archaeologists really do in the first place? Or what Cult Science is? Come find out with your friendly neighborhood Archaeologist. We’ll examine this & much more! (This is my regular intro talk, but I’ve changed things up a bit if you still want to come.)

SEM1341416 Archy Vs. Ancient Aliens – Saturday, August 16th at 12:00 PM

–       Ancient Aliens is one of the History Channel’s most popular shows, but how accurate is it really? We’ll examine some of the recent claims from the show and discuss how factual they really are. (This one is for my advanced audience.)

Collecting Ticks.

And lastly, I am managing to work with the DNR Forestry Archaeologist, which means I actually get to go out and physically do archaeology. I’m  kinda interning with her, so I’m not getting paid (story of my life) but I do get to learn how to write reports, actually use ArchGIS, and well, get to use my education. Also, I get to pull off multiple ticks every trip, I’m up to 7 in one day so far.

School starts in August, I need to get an Abstract written for the MAC this October, and oh hell…I gotta go get to work! Hope to see some of you at Gen Con!

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