New Patreon Only Content Coming In February!


I’ve been tossing this idea around for a while, and with the success of the podcast I’m interested to see how well this will work out.

Recently, I’ve been playing around with the idea of an Audio Blog. Nothing fancy really, just me literally reading the blog posts. Maybe a little background music, but no real embellishments. When I suggested this to the Facebook page, they were excited about the idea. Many people commented that listening to podcasts and audiobooks is a growing pastime, and that they would enjoy hearing the blog on top of (on instead of) reading the blog.

I’ve done a few test recordings, and found that the resulting episodes are about 10 to 15 min in length. They’re quick to record and have forced me to look at my older posts and correct or expand. So there’s that.

What I have decided to do is make these Audio-blogs available to my Patreon supporters first. I’m thinking about making them available to everyone later down the road, but I want my Patreon folks to get something unique as a thanks for their support.

So if you are interested in this new content, you can get access to it easily by joining my Patreon page and pledging a small amount, or more if you’re feeling generous!  And if you’re already a Patreon patron, get ready in February for what I think will be fun and cool new content.

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