Asteroids, Micro Diamonds, and the Younger Dryas with Jens Notroff: Archaeological Fantasies Ep 106

Today we talk to Jens Notroff about a recent report about a newly discovered asteroid crater under the Greenland Glacier. How is this connected to the Younger Dryas? What is the Younger Dryas? And is this evidence of Gobekli Tepe being older than it seems? (You can probably guess the answer for that one.)

Show Notes:

Jens Notroff:

Persnpal Webpage

Letters From The Field


Göbekli Tepe, Bad Fox, No Comet – Episode 73


Ice Age Asteroid Crater Discovered Beneath Greenland Glacier by Nicholas St. Fleur

A massive crater hides beneath Greenland’s ice by Carolyn Gramling

An asteroid impact on Greenland left a massive crater under the ice by CBC Radio

The Younger Dryas:

‘Younger Dryas Impact’ hypothesis

Arguments against Younger Dryas Impact Event

Colavito post on these articles

Colavito post on strife and non-strife between Andrew Collins and Graham Hancock on the Younger Dryas

Colavito’s various Younger Dryas posts

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  1. Just as a general request for those of us who might come back to episodes at a later point, would it be possible to have the dates of episode releases be a bit clearer, or even visible on the main page for the purposes of finding things.


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