Remix – Atlantis in Sardinia with Dr. Emily Holt – Archaeological Fantasies ep 107

Nuraghe Santu Antine in Torralba
Cristiano Cani picture via Wiki Commons.

Note: there was an issue with the Audio file. This is a repost of episode 107.

Today we are talking with Dr. Emily Holt from Miami University in Ohio. We learn about the Nuraghe civilization, the fantastic towers they built, and how all this is connected to Atlantis. Dr. Holt also gives us details on her summer field school, which focuses on CRM techniques, that is open for enrollment.

Dr. Emily Holt:

Twitter: @Emily_M_Holt 
and @ScholarOutreach

School Bio Page:

Personal Blog:

ERRANT: letters from an itinerant archaeologist

Ask an Archaeologist: Dr. Emily Holt, Zooarchaeologist

Contact Dr. Holt if you are interested in participating in her feild school this summer.

Field School Link to Apply:
Miami University Field Methods in Archaeology: Pran’e Siddi Landscape Project

Articles on Atlantis in Sardinia:

Was Sardinia home to Atlantis? – by Sarah Griffiths on Daily Mail.

Was Sardinia home to the mythical civilization of Atlantis? – by Florence Evin on the Guardian website.

Review of Ancient Aliens S13E08 “Island of the Giants” by Jason Colavito

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Check out Jeb Card’s new book Spooky Archaeology : 
Myth and the Science of the Past

And Ken Feder’s new book Archaeological Oddities: A Field Guide to Forty Claims of Lost Civilizations, Ancient Visitors, and Other Strange Sites in North America

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2 thoughts on “Remix – Atlantis in Sardinia with Dr. Emily Holt – Archaeological Fantasies ep 107

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  1. I listened to your podcast about Sardinia, again, today. Thank you for cleaning up the audio, the high end clipping with Dr. Holt’s audio was irritating in the original.

    I almost always find your podcasts to be fascinating, (which is better track record than most science based podcasts, by the way) and I do like the insight into fieldwork and how evidence is weighed. Dr. Holt is a very good speaker, and I would love to hear what she has to say about the bronze age Sardinian culture, and hear more about the contact it had with the other cultures like Troy, Crete, Cyprus, and Mycenae. I hope she can come back.

    I could swear I first heard about the pillars of Hercules being in the Cyclades back as far as the late 80’s, though I think the context was speaking of the myth of Jason and the argonauts – Argonautika, or whatever the epic poem was called. It would not be the first time an old idea was recycled to show something “new”.

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    Woodrow Wilson, for example, had been called the greatest lecturer ever, but even with his PhD and being president of Princeton he was not terribly effective in elected office, as most of his great ideas were scrapped or failed. His open racism did him very little credit as a man, and his body count in an avoidable foreign war to advance the cause of colonialism was not exceeded until FDR.


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