What’s Going on in ArchyFantasies Land?

whats going on

Hey everyone, First, I want to thank everyone for the words of support over the last few months. We love our fans, and it’s been nice to have a bit of positive vibes in my in-box.

For those who aren’t in the loop, I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many details. I do want to explain some things.

Before April, I (Sara), began taking better care of my mental health, and it has been good for me. I encourage everyone to go and get your head checked. I began a medication regimen and though it’s been a huge help, it had a massive adjustment period. I apologize for the time away from the blog and podcast, but it just, unfortunately, was a casualty of getting back to a baseline.

Also around this time, we (my co-hosts and I) decided on some changes to the Archaeological Fantasies podcast format, which also affected the posting of episodes. It’s nothing bad I promise, it’s acutely very positive for both Ken and Jeb to be working on other projects. Unfortunately, it will cut into the time they have on the show. We wish them the best, and thank them for their contributions.

The podcast will continue to have all the pseudo goodness you’re accustomed to, but you may hear a few new voices from time to time talking about some expanded topics. As the fringe tries to science-up themselves, we’ll be taking them to task.

We are trying a few new things, including video reacts to TV shows and YouTube videos. We’ll also be trying a few more Curious Archaeology videos with Forensic Detective Inspector Bragnir. Also, look for my collaboration with Digital Hammurabi later this year to learn some basic history about the field of Archaeology.

Lastly, this is my final semester in my Masters’ degree, which means … THESIS TIME!!!!!

I will probably blog about what all I’m doing, mainly because my thesis is about pseudoarchaeology so it’s basically an excuse to create blog and podcast and video content. Woo.

So, to everyone out there reading this, Thanks again for all the support! You’re all rockstars in my book!

TL;DR wrap up:

  • Podcast will be back in September (9/2/19)
  • Look on YouTube for Archy Fantasies brand vids, including video reacts, aka watch me watch TV…
  • I’m working on my Master’s thesis this semester, thanks for bearing with me ahead of time.
  • Mental Health is important, thanks for the support!


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