Sub-Blogs!? WTF Archy?

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Whats a Sub-blog?

Something I made up.

You’ll have noticed a weird hiccup in the blog last month. Well, it was the combination of a lot of things but mostly it led to some restructuring of the blog. Which also led to me thinking, “Hey, I got these three topics that I really want to delve into, but I don’t want to swamp the blog.” So I created three new sub-blogs, that are still part of the ArchyFantasies brand but are more focused in scope and a little different in tone.

Ancient Alien Archaeology banner

This one was kind of a no-brainer. I’m watching a lot of this show for my thesis and I really started this to help me organize my thoughts. However, it’s a lot of fun to look at things from a different perspective. Currently, I’m comparing the first and second season to the current season, and well, there’s a lot of overlap. I’m also looking at other purveyors of the ancient alien sauce, just trying to this all this stuff together.

The Archaeology of Giants banner

This one came about because I was traveling in the midwest a lot and that’s apparently Giant central. I figured people don’t know enough about the moundbuilder cultures so I might give it try. Dispelling giants solidified when I started watching the 2014 show Search for Lost Giants, and just…well I needed to blog about it.

Paranormal Archaeology Banner

This one I’m kinda excited about. I love the paranormal and the idea of paranormal objects fascinates me. This particular blog is about objects and sites, and how humans create and imbue them with meaning. I think the paranormal is the best way to look at this process. Paranormal sites and artifacts can be old or brand new, but they still hold meaning and understanding that, the creation process and the history of an object or sie, helps us understand our own relationships with history.

Archaeological Fantasies

And of course, this blog and podcast will continue. Starting in January the podcast will be back on air and the blog will be updated bi-monthly.

I hope you’ll go check out the other blogs, and let those tied you over till next year. We’ve had a lot of change in 2019, we’re ready for 2020.

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  1. Came to check out the sub-blogs after I finally listened to the 2020 podcast episode today. Good to have you back, and can’t wait to check out the paranormal, aliens and giants!


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