Trying Something New, AKA Moving the Blog to Patreon

Since I cannot describe how much I fucking hate WordPress ‘block’ bullshit for creating posts, I am going to experiment with moving the blog over to my Patreon account.

What this means for Non-Patreon members is: DONT PANIC!!!

Blog posts will always be available to the public without having to pay for a membership.

Actually, Patreon is kinda the de facto hub for all of my media, blog, pod, and vlogs. And most of it is open to the public free of charge.

Now, if you want early access to things, then membership is right up your alley, but again, it’s not required.

Maybe WordPress gets their heads out of their asses and either changes this block shit or gives me the option to NOT USE IT (seriously, how hard is that?) Then I might come back here. But otherwise, WordPress is not the space for me anymore.

The domain will remain, and access to everything that is here will stay. It’s just, that new things are going on Patreon for 2022, and we’ll see how that works out.

Sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause, I really am, but blame WordPress. I have tried to communicate with them over this, but they are not interested in hearing me. So, I’m moving.

Hope to see most of you there. It really is easier access to the podcast and my vlogs. (It’s actually better y’all.)

One thought on “Trying Something New, AKA Moving the Blog to Patreon

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  1. 👏😝 Finallly I’m not alone! I hate that too. I take more than an hour to write a post in my WP blog. I will follow your new spot for sure! I’m wondering if its easy to move an existing blog to another platform 🤔 I realy need to make it easier… thanks for sharing this! Take care.🇵🇹


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