The History of Pseudoarchaeology: The Re-Engagement of Professorial Archaeology with the Public

The Re-engagement of professorial archaeology with the public was not an easy one. There had been a 30-year silence on the end of archaeology and when they came back into it, it was as if they had forgotten how to communicate. Ken Feder published the first edition of his book Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science... Continue Reading →

The History of Pseudoarchaeology: From Engagement to Isolation.

Things changed drastically as archaeology developed and professionalized. During the pre-professional time, or the Romantic Era of archaeology as Jeb Card and David Anderson (2016) call it, archaeology was really more of a jumbled collection of competing methodologies, antiquarians out looking for epic adventures chasing down mythic locations, and making extraordinary claims to establish racial... Continue Reading →

Monstertalk Crossover Double Feature

  Is I bet you can't guess what's in store for you, dear listeners, later on this month. Until then, slack you blood-lust on these two juicy episodes in our Pseudoarchaeology Double Feature. Music in this special episode Copyright Richard O’Brien. Thank You for listening. If you’d like to support the Podcast, consider donating to us... Continue Reading →

Bears Ears Rock Art with Vaughn Hadenfelt – Episode 93

Links Welcome 2018 and Bears Ears Update - Episode 90 Antiquities Laws and Regulations - Episode 75 Friends of Cedar Mesa | Stewarding the greater Cedar Mesa area in ... Bears Ears Rock Art Pilling Collection of Fremont Culture Figurines Hexham Heads, ley lines, and Wear-sheep-men Contact If you'd like to support the Podcast, condenser... Continue Reading →

CBC, The Solutrean Hypothesis, and Jennifer Raff – Episode 92

On today's episode we talk with Jennifer Raff about the recent CBC episode of The Nature of Things: Ice Bridge. We talk about how the Solutrean Hypothesis, how it's it's not supported by evidence and is supported but White Supremacists. We talk about the issues not brought up in the CBC show, and why we... Continue Reading →

Contact and Immigration In Archaeology – Episode 91

LinksNational Monuments dedicated to immigration and the experience of immigrants and African captives:African Burial Ground, ManhattanManzanar Internment CenterLiberty Island-Ellis Island National MonumentEllis Island National Museum of ImmigrationContactEmail us at ArchyFantasies@gmail.comFollow us on Twitter at @Archyfantasies and find us on FaceBook. Theme Music by ArcheoSoup Productions

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