Giant DNA and Mudfossils with Dr. Jennifer Raff.

Today we talk with Dr. Jennifer Raff about the YouTube channel Mudfossil University and the possibility that Rocks are really just fossilized Giants.

Show Notes:

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Dr. Jennifer Raff’s Websites:

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2 thoughts on “Giant DNA and Mudfossils with Dr. Jennifer Raff.

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  1. I don’t think I could handle the additional insanity of listening to the Mudfossils shows.

    But I do wonder if pebbles ‘prove’ the existence of fairies/gnomes/goblins etc..

    Sorry I haven’t listened to your Annabel show yet but I grew up listening to the Warrens on local radio (they weren’t always big time grifters) so they’re kind of a trigger and my reaction would terrify my cats.

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