Olmecs and Ancient DNA with Jennifer Raff – Archaeological Fantasies ep 98

Today we start a new segment with Dr. Jennifer Raff. We explore the use of ancient DNA in archaeology and how our understanding of such has changed over the years. We also look at the most recent misuse of the Olmec culture as evidence of a pre-columbic African presence in the Americas, and what DNA tells us about that.

Show Notes:

Jennifer Raff –

@jenniferRaff – Twitter

Violent Metaphors – Blog



Archaeological Fantasies and the genetic history of the Americas

DNA in Archaeology with Jennifer Raff – Episode 50

Jennifer A. Raff and Deborah A. Bolnick’s: Does Mitochondrial Haplogroup X Indicate Ancient Trans-Atlantic Migration to the Americas? A Critical Re-Evaluation.

Solutrean Hypothesis –
The Solutrean Hypothesis – Episode 31

CBC, The Solutrean Hypothesis, and Jennifer Raff – Episode 92

No CBC hasn’t proven that ‘White’ Europeans made it to America ‘First’.
On thin ice: Problems with Stanford and Bradley’s Solutrean-Clovis hypothesis

Carl Zimmer’s Game of Genomes

Ancient DNA –
New DNA Results Show Kennewick Man Was Native American

Kennewick Man

The Anzick Clovis Site: Clovis-Aged Burial in American Northwest

Dating Do-Over For Anzick-1, Famous First Americans Burial

Human Speech Gene Found

Dr. Kim TallBear

Miami-Dade Schools teaching Olmecs as Africans – (this has since been removed from their website) –

Nation’s 4th-Largest Metropolitan School District Teaching Kids that Olmecs were Africans

Pseudoscientific Curriculum Offered by Miami-Dade County Schools

Things to Watch/Read/Hear –

The Legend of the Lighthouse – Episode 22

Book Breaking and Book Mending: Most academic books aren’t written to be read—they’re written to be “broken.” That should change by 

A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Human Story Retold Through Our Genes Kindle Edition by Adam Rutherford

She Has Her Mother’s Laugh The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity By  Carl Zimmer

The Misuse of Genetics in Pseudoscience – Dr. Jennifer Raff – Skepticon 9

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