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If you’re here, you probably are already aware of my goals of trying to raise awareness of bad archaeology and pseudo-archaeology. Countering bad claims is not only something I feel strongly about but something I enjoy doing. However, each blog post takes hours, if not days, of time and the same can be said of videos and the podcast. So getting a little compensation for that time would be awesome.

That said there are numerous things I’d like to improve too. I’d love to have an editor for the blog. I’d also like to take my blog on the road and start attending professional archaeology conferences with the goal of advocating the professional field to do more plain talk outreach and debunking of their own. Lastly, I’d like to do more of my own public outreach in the form of lectures, classes, and presentations with the goal of teaching the public one-on-one how to spot bad claims and counter them with critical thinking.

All of this takes funding, and even a little gets me further than nothing. So thank you in advance for your help. You not only get a better blog and podcast, but you help educate the public at large on our favorite topic of archaeology.

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