Archaeological Fantasies Podcast Halloween Line-up!

Just in time for our big MonsterTalk Halloween Special, due out Monday on Halloween, here's a list of our spookiest episodes to date! Go catch up on a year's worth of archaeological notes about Ghosts, Witches, Mummies and Vampires! WITCHES, SHAMANS, AND LOOTERS WITH STACY DUNN - EPISODE 39 DIGGING NEW ENGLAND VAMPIRES - ENCORE... Continue Reading →

Ghost Hunting With April Beisaw – Archaeological Fantasies Podcast Episode 41

On today's show, Jeb and Sara talk to Dr. April Beisaw about ghost hunting with her students. What do they really get out of it and what do they learn? They talk about technique, equipment used, and a lot of other topics related to academic ghost hunting. Show Notes. April Beisaw on Twitter: @AprilMBeisaw April... Continue Reading →

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