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The Hunt For Secret Mysteries: Skinwalker Ranch Pt1 with Bill Auchter.

Today we start a brand-new collaborative project with Archaeothoughts and ArchaeoRPG which is a podcast miniseries we are calling The Hunt for Secret Mysteries. This miniseries will focus on various paranormal TV shows as we are inflicted with them. My cohost will be Bill Auchter of Archaeothoughts and for our first series, we’re focusing on the new television show “The Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch”. We hope you enjoy this brand-new miniseries and hope you stick around for the full set.

Bill Auchter can be found:

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Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/archaeothoughts/

Hi! I’m an archaeologist who likes games, video games, gaming, horror, the supernatural, and debunking pseudoarchaeology. Check out my vids for more on the above topics, and toss us a coin if you like what I do.

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