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Undead Gender with Drs. Rebecca Gibson, Jay VanderVeen, and Holly Walters: Archaeological Fantasies ep 114

This episode we talk with Drs. Rebecca Gibson and Jay VanderVeen about their upcoming edited volume Monstrous Males and Fatal Females due out in 2021. We also talk with one of the authors Dr. Holly Walters about her chapter on vampires, and we manage a bit on Zombies too.

We look at Gender and how the becoming undead can affect it. We also look at the use of sexual desire within the supernatural and get a sneak-peek at the contents of the edited volume.

Show Notes:

Dr. Rebecca Gibson

Twitter – @RGibsongirl


Dr. Jay VanderVeen

Twitter @JayVanderVeen

Dr. Holly Walters

Twitter: Left Field Notes @Manigarm

Shaligrams – http://peregrinationblog.com

Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

The Tragic, Forgotten History of Zombies

Zombies: The Real Story of the Undead


H. P. Lovecraft, Zombies, Slender Man, and Aliens – Jason Colavito

Hi! I’m an archaeologist who likes games, video games, gaming, horror, the supernatural, and debunking pseudoarchaeology. Check out my vids for more on the above topics, and toss us a coin if you like what I do.

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Asteroids, Micro Diamonds, and the Younger Dryas with Jens Notroff: Archaeological Fantasies Ep 106

Today we talk to Jens Notroff about a recent report about a newly discovered asteroid crater under the Greenland Glacier. How is this connected to the Younger Dryas? What is the Younger Dryas? And is this evidence of Gobekli Tepe being older than it seems? (You can probably guess the answer for that one.)

Show Notes:

Jens Notroff:

Persnpal Webpage

Letters From The Field


Göbekli Tepe, Bad Fox, No Comet – Episode 73


Ice Age Asteroid Crater Discovered Beneath Greenland Glacier by Nicholas St. Fleur

A massive crater hides beneath Greenland’s ice by Carolyn Gramling

An asteroid impact on Greenland left a massive crater under the ice by CBC Radio

The Younger Dryas:



‘Younger Dryas Impact’ hypothesis

Arguments against Younger Dryas Impact Event

Colavito post on these articles

Colavito post on strife and non-strife between Andrew Collins and Graham Hancock on the Younger Dryas

Colavito’s various Younger Dryas posts

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Two Years of Archeological Fantasies!



That’s right! This will be year three of the Archeological Fantasies Podcast! We’ve got two years behind us and we haven’t run out of material to debunk yet.  It helps that new stuff pops up almost daily anymore, even if it is all recycled.

We decided to christen the New Year by rehashing the goals of the podcast and letting ourselves react a little to upcoming 4 years.  Ken,  Jeb,  and Sara have a few moments of political ranting and explaining why it’s even more important now for a show like ours to be on the air.

If you haven’t given our first recorded show of the year a listen yet,  click on the link to do so.  Let us know what you think!

The Problem with Isims: Afrocentrism and the New World

Episode 16 of the ArchyFantasies Podcast is live!

We tackle a rough topic in this one, Afrocentrism is more than just a flawed diffusionist hypothesis. It points out the very real racism that was part of anthropology and archaeology past, and also points out the glaring flaws in trying to point to any singular culture as being the “mother culture”.

This is a heavy episode for us since it deal so directly with race, but I hope you’ll all give it a listen anyway!


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Holy Newark Stones, Batman! The Archaeology Fantasies Podcast, Ep 7

A picture of “The Decalogue”, one of several artifacts associated with the Newark Holy Stones. J. Huston McCulloch. image via Wiki Commons.

Episode 7 of the Archaeology Fantasy podcast is live, and we’re talking about the Newark Holy Stones this time. Ken and I were able to pull in two experts in the stones, Jeff Gill and Brad Lepper.

They give us a new look at the stones. Gill and Lepper paint a picture of the stones that’s quite different from the ridiculous hoax and create an image that is actually quite noble. This podcast really changed the way I see the Newark Holy Stones, and I hope listeners can take that away too.

A picture of “The Keystone”, one of several artifacts associated with the Newark Holy Stones. J. Huston McCulloch. Image via Wiki Commons

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