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The Dirt Takeover Episode, Archaeological Fantasies Ep 116

Dr. Anna Goldfield and Amber Zambelli invade the Archaeological Fantasies podcast in this special cross over with The Dirt podcast. We talk Race, Racism, Movies, TV, and Mutant Frog Overlords.

Show Notes:

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The Problem with Isims: Afrocentrism and the New World

Episode 16 of the ArchyFantasies Podcast is live!

We tackle a rough topic in this one, Afrocentrism is more than just a flawed diffusionist hypothesis. It points out the very real racism that was part of anthropology and archaeology past, and also points out the glaring flaws in trying to point to any singular culture as being the “mother culture”.

This is a heavy episode for us since it deal so directly with race, but I hope you’ll all give it a listen anyway!


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