Obligatory Happy Post-Apocalyptic Greetings!

I'm pleased to see so many of us survived the Mayan Doom Day known far and wide as the day the Mayan Calender ended, and then nothing of note happened. I hope despite that disappointing climax we all managed to have a happy holiday and new year. I saw the New Year in with an excellent Roller Derby match, but our team rocks... Continue Reading →

Man Tracks on the Paluxy River

So I recently came across this vid while flipping thought YouTube the other day: Man Vs. Archaeology Episode 1. (http://bit.ly/o4Mw0D) It sounded familiar, as if I had heard someone debunking it before...When I realized I’d heard it on MonsterTalk over a year ago (http://bit.ly/q7PBmo).  Kenneth Feder talked about the Cardiff Giant and human foot prints... Continue Reading →

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