The Con Plague got me!

Trust me, I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff to go over from Gen Con, and I really will post. First however, I have to get over my Con-plague and get my notes in order.

One thing I will say is that I have a few new things to add to the pages here. One bit is describing Cult Science, the other is going over the reasons why we still believe in weird things (like my dice rolling poorly to spite me).

Also, I’d like to go over my first few day in Grad school, because, hey, I want to brag.

So just let me get to where I can breath properly again and I will fill everyone in.

BTW, Thanks to everyone who came to see me talk, you guys rocked! You make me keep my game fresh, and get me thinking about things differently then I normally would. See you all next year hopefully!

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