The Lost History of Ancient America Review


I was sent an early copy of Frank Joseph’s newest edited volume titled, The Lost History of Ancient America, to review. Someone thought this was a good idea.

As there is so much to cover here, I can’t possibly do this in one post. One thing I am not going to do is rehash Frank Joseph‘s background. If you don’t know his history, you can follow the links above. I will endeavor to look at this book as if I was evaluating a peer’s writing, evaluating the intent of the writing, rather than the writer themselves. I will however do my best to figure out who these authors are, evaluating their qualifications, like I do with my usual posts.

Here is an easy list to all the entries of my evaluations as I move through the book.

Introduction: Columbus was Last:

Section 1 Review: Fauna and Flora by Frank Joseph.

Chapter 1 Review: Horses in America Before Columbus by Dr. Steven E. Jones.

Chapter 2 Review: Plants Connect the Old and New Worlds by Dr. Carl L. Johannessen.

Chapter 3 Review: Egyptian Style Cat Burial in Illinois by Professor Julia Patterson.

Chapter 4 Review: Eyewitness Engraving of Ancient American Mammoths by Frank Joseph. 

Section 2 Review: Natural Wealth:

Chapter 5: Who Were the Oil Tycoons of Pre-Columbian Pennsylvania? by Thomas Anderton.

Chapter 6 Review: An Ancient American Mexican Pyramid’s Liquid Mercury by Frank Joseph. 

Chapter 7 Review: First Copper Workshop Discovered by Wayne N. May.

Chapter 8 Review: Michigan Copper Barons Left Their Fingerprints on Greenland Ice by Rick Osmon

Section 3 Review: Underwater Discoveries

Chapter 9 Review: Drowned Village of the Ancient Copper Miners by Wayne N. May.

Chapter 10 Review: Sunken Civilization Found off Oregon? by Julia Patterson.

Chapter 11 Review: The Walls in the Lake by Andrew E. Rothovious.

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