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IMG_20170510_112303_processed-01.jpegThanks to everyone who’s donated to help support the blog! You are all awesome folks who are not only supporting the blog, but helping with outreach as well.  Rock-On with your bad selves, and thanks again!

$5 Donors

Adamo Borzoni
Brent Murphy
Brian Goudi
Carl The Italian Sagan
Christel Sanchez
Craig Cruz
Darin DuMez
Donald E Mundis
Heath Anderson
Katie Swanson
Laurel Kristick
Lizzie B.
Michael Ball
Michael Murphy
Nathan-Andrew Leaflight
Nuclear Cat
Pamela Eby
Paul Meagher
Randall Gaz
Sean Underwood
Sid February
Steven Gernandt
Takashi Toyooka
Tim Hoff
Timothy Schriener

$10+ Donors

Elizabeth Wilk
Grace Yon
Kasia Neil
Jasmina Kocurek
Penny Head


Thanks for the Ko-Fi too!

Danny Baker

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