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IMG_20170510_112303_processed-01.jpegThanks to everyone who’s donated to help support the blog! You are all awesome folks who are not only supporting the blog, but helping with outreach as well.  Rock-On with your bad selves, and thanks again!

$2-5 Donors

Beth Williams
Bill Auchter
Bobby Cox
Brent Murphy
Carl McNalley
Carl Sagan
Chase Hensel

Chris Buchholz
Christina Sanford
Craig Cruz
Darin DuMez
Darren Davis
Elizabeth Theresa
Heath Anderson
James Laughlin
Jeff Fitzgerald

Katie Swanson
Kimberly Bray

Laurel Kristick
Lizzie in the Lab
Mr. Stitches
Michael Murphy

Nathan-Andrew Leaflight
Nicholas Maloof
Nuclear Cat

Pamela Eby
Paul Meagher
Randall Gaz
Rende N Durham
Robin Miller
Roger Price
Ronald Reagan
Sarah Fritts
Sarah Nash
Sid February
Takashi Toyooka
Teena Hiesberger
Timothy Owen
Timothy Schriener

Wendy-Marie Muir

$10+ Donors

Brian Goudie
Christel Sanchez
Grace Yon
Penny Head
Teena Hiesberger

Thanks for the Ko-Fi too!

Danny Baker

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