Pseudoarchaeology Timeline

Ever wonder how all the bits and bobs of pseudoarchaeology fit together time wise? Well take a look at this timeline and things start to get a little more clear.

*Note: Timeline is being updated and expanded, please be patient.*

Pseudo Timeline:
I. Mound Builder Myth 1800’s
II. Walam Olum 1830
III. The Skeleton in Armor 1832
IV. Grave Creek Stone 1838
V. Kinderhook plates 1843
VI. Newport Tower ~1848 – Podcast Ep 37
VII. Newark Holy Stones 1860 –
VIII. Calaveras Skull 1866
IX. Cardiff Giant 1869
X. Westford Knight 1873
XI. Davenport Tablets 1877
XII. Atlantis: The Antediluvian World 1882
XIII. Shapira’s Artifacts 1883
XIV. Subterranean City of Moberly, Missouri 1885
XV. Bat Creek Stone 1889
XVI. Michigan Relics 1890
XVII. Kensington Runestone 1898
XVIII. Hackensack Mummy Forgery 1902
XIX. Ulen Sword 1911
XX. Piltdown Man 1912
XXI. Brandenburg stone 1912
XXII. Etruscan terracotta warriors 1915
XXIII. Mississippi State Mummy 1920
XXIV. Heavener Runestone 1923
XXV. Tucson artifacts 1924
XXVI. Mystery Hill/America’s Stonehenge 1930
XXVII. Beardmore Relics 1930
XXVIII. Bourne Stone ~1930
XXIX. Burrows Cave
XXX. Los Luna Decalogue Stone 1933
XXXI. Tecaxic-Calixtlahuaca head 1933
XXXII. Maine Penny 1957
XXXIII. Dighton Rock 1963
XXXIV. Vinland Map ~15cen
XXXV. Acton Stone Chamber ~1967
XXXVI. Solutrean hypothesis 1970
XXXVII. Crack Creek Ogham 1970
XXXVIII. Spirit Pond Stones 1971
XXXIX. Balance Rock, NY 1977
XL. Gungywamp 1979
XLI. Druid Hill 1984
XLII. The Piltdown Chicken 1999
XLIII. Persian Princess 2000
XLIV. Basque Calvary of Iruña-Veleia 2006



*More resources in individual entries.*
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