Göbekli Tepe, Bad Fox, No Comet – Episode 73

Today we talk with Jens Notroff from the Gobekli Tepe research project about the recent news stories about possible evidence for a comet strike at the ancient site. We look over the claims made in the paper ‘DECODING GÖBEKLI TEPE WITH ARCHAEOASTRONOMY: WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?’ and compare that with ongoing research from the actual Gobekli Tepe site. 

Shout out to David Anderson for his help with the episode! Thanks again! 









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Produced by Chris Webster and Tristan Boyle

One thought on “Göbekli Tepe, Bad Fox, No Comet – Episode 73

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  1. An interesting podcast with a very biased viewpoint. You might have asked me on your show to give a balanced view. You will eventually see that I am right – please see my new paper under review about Palaeolithic cave art. An early version can be downloaded from arxiv. Also see my new book, Prehistory Decoded, which puts these ideas into a consistent context.


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