Coming up on Archaeological Fantasies:

In this interesting time…my semester is wrapping up, and I decided to change my thesis proposal with three weeks left in the semester…because reasons.

That said. I do have a stock of podcasts that need tweaking before being posted. I’m going get those up soon, and thank everyone for being lenient with us. I think you’ll really enjoy the topics coming up, we got haunted Winchester house, archaeology and ghost hunting pt 2, race in academia, and the Historical accuracy of the Assassin’s Creed games pt2!

We’ve also got a bunch of collaboration things like the “Hunt for Secret Mysteries” vids and Podcast with Bill Auchter with ArchaeoRPG and ArchaeoThoughts. We’re taking on Skinwalker Ranch right now, and wow, just…its bad yall.

We’re also still working on our own archeology surveys in Elder Scrolls and No Man’s Sky and looking at Aliens, Giants, and the Paranormal on our sub-blogs. 

So hopefully there’s a lot to keep you busy this month while my output might be a little spotty. I have a couple of quick vids planned, but other than that, I need to lay low and convince my Thesis Professor to let me lead a real-life phase 1 survey in Elders Scrolls Online…I have a crew and everything. 

In the meantime, enjoy this throwback from the archives, where Dr. Jeb Card and I talk with Dr. April Beisaw about Ghost Hunting as Historical Archaeology! 

Also, be sure to check out Jeb and Blake Smith’s newest podcast “In Research Of” for a fun and critical look back on Leonard Nimoy’s classic pseudoarchaeology show. 

Show Notes:

April Beisaw on Twitter: @AprilMBeisaw

April Beisaw website 

Lost City, Found Pyramid edited by Jeb Card and David Anderson 

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