Atlantis Deep Dive Comic 1


af line art

The Archaeology of Giants

Atlantis at Last! In Search of Aliens S01, E01

Atlantis – Episode 17

Remix – Atlantis in Sardinia with Dr. Emily Holt – Archaeological Fantasies ep 107

Hi! I’m an archaeologist who likes games, video games, gaming, horror, the supernatural, and debunking pseudoarchaeology. Check out my vids for more on the above topics, and toss us a coin if you like what I do.
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  1. While you’re contemplating the theory of Atlantis I have something else for you to consider that’s not underwater. What if I could point out chess board grids all over the western side of the North American Continent? These are huge
    obviously surveyed grids that were apparently created a long time ago. I say they were surveyed because of the absolute right and left angles as well as the accuracy of the lines going north and south. The grid patterns of alternating grids are in the same contrasting colors in the alternating grid squares as you would expect in a man made grid pattern. In addition, they are so large they can only be seen by satellite imagery from high altitude.
    One of the first questions that arise is “Who could have do this?” “In ancient times were there cultures that were fascinated with grids and used them for games, fortune telling, mapping and property division?” The answer to the second question gives you the answer for the first question. Google: “Map of the Tracks of Yu” This extant map completed in China by being carved into a rock in the 12th century clearly shows how capable the Chinese were in making such grid patterns and their interest in doing so.
    To see these chessboard grids in N America google: 1) “Joseph Needham N American Grid Map Collection” When you get to that site scroll down to the heading that says “Original Map” and click on it. That will take you to a location in a remote area in Alberta Canada where there are approximately 20 very large grids in varying condition.
    If you have access to satellite imagery and would like to see several huge domino grid patterns near Diamond Lake, Oregon, I can get you to that site as well. The game of dominoes is commonly acknowledged to have originated in either India or China with China being the most likely. These domino tiles can also be seen in the “Joseph Needham
    N American Grid Map Collection” or by using your satellite service and zooming in on 2) Diamond Lake, Oregon. When you arrive at Diamond Lake ,Oregon move your browser slightly to the north west of the lake and you will three domino tiles. There is a five, a two and a one domino tile in that area an another five domino tile not to far away. These tiles were created by removing all the trees and other vegetation from the specific tile except for the dots on each tile/grid. The dots on each tile are circular stands of trees that WERE NOT removed when the other trees and vegetation on that specific tile were removed.
    3) The most beautiful contrasting grid pattern in my opinion is just south of Priest Lake, Idaho. 4)There is also a huge ancient Chinese “Go Board” grid pattern just south of Burnstick Lake, Alberta Canada. That grid is approximately 2560 acres in size. It is made up of 256 10 acre individual grids. That’s big! If you don’t have access to satellite imagery yourself you can google: “The John Fairbairn Ancient Go (Weiqi) Board Burnstick Lake, Alberta” for views of
    this grid and related information.
    There is much more evidence to support my theory but this should be enough to pique your interest.


  2. It would have been nice of Hendon Harris to include links, pictures, or even map coordinates.

    Lacking that, I have to say while it seems plausible that sailors from the other side of the Pacific and from islands within the Pacific may have made landings in this hemisphere, that isn’t necessary to explain rectangular patterns as seen from above.

    The most likely culprit is caused by differences in brightness on satellite photographs, creating the illusion of structure through contrast. This of course will only seem like a structure in the cases these discrepancies are not drastic enough to be obvious and line up with terrain in suggestive ways. Given how huge the Earth is in comparison to the human frame of reference, such coincidences can’t be uncommon.

    There is also the likelihood that normal geographic processes can create more square or rectangular shapes as seen from above.

    And finally, the most common human-caused reason to find squares, rectangles, circles, and arcs on the ground has got to be the same hundreds and thousands of years ago as it is now. Agriculture and especially agriculture that is irrigated in some way, since irrigation shapes fields in specific ways due to the need to transport water. Or in the case of floating farms/gardens, to manage things like buoyancy. And of course organization and traversal through fields is incredibly important in all such fields-planning.

    While there were many Indigenous cultures in 1200 CE that practiced large-scale agriculture, most were impacted by climate change in the decades around 1300 CE. In the intervening centuries, a great many more cultures also practiced large-scale agriculture and had large settlements. This is before any proven visitors from other continents, and indeed continuing past the late 1500s CE for centuries despite colonization.


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