The Coso Artifact! Now for your Ears!

The Archaeology Fantasies Podcast episode 10 is live, (so I might have skipped #9 by accident…oops)


This episode Ken and I chew over the Coso Artifact. It’s a fun episode since, as per the blog post on this topic, we already know what it really is. We still look over the origin story and the impact this little Oopart has today.

On an important note, The Archaeology Podcast Network is looking for people willing donate time to edit all of our wonderful and informative podcasts, including this one. If you’ve got the know-how to edit a .wav file and create a cohesive show out of our run-on sentences, drop Chris an email at and make sure to put “Show Editing” in the subject line.


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6 thoughts on “The Coso Artifact! Now for your Ears!

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  1. I just discovered your podcast and am enjoying it greatly. I have two requests if you don’t mind: a bit more of an intro to the topic. I just finished listening to Ep 2 and never heard of the Genetic disc. It’s still not quite clear what the disc was or what it depicted, or what the claims were made about it. One can guess from the discussion, but a proper intro would be useful. I had a similar problem with other podcasts.

    The second request is a bit odd. I love playing Tomb Raider but always get frustrated because it seems to me Lara Croft isn’t particularly scientific. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game and how it portrays archeology.

    Oh, I guess I have a third comment… which is to keep up the good work! I highly enjoy the podcast and wish I’d found it sooner. 🙂


  2. I think WordPress ate my comment, so apologies for doubles if they appear…

    I really enjoy your podcast but have two requests: the first is more of an intro to the topic of choice. You sort of assume your audience is already somewhat familiar with thr topic and


  3. and apparently my phone hates me…

    What I was going to say is that, particularly for ep 2, it’s not really clear what you’re discussing. I’d never heard of the Genetic Disc and by gleaning minute facts from the discussion I could guess at what it depicted and what the claims were, but a short intro about that stuff would help those of us not in the field of archeology.

    The second request is that, if you could please, do an episode on Tomb Raider. I love the games but get frustrated because Lara Croft seems to be such a pseudoscientist. Would love to hear the thoughts of people actually in the field and how they think the game portrays their job.

    Other than that, am enjoying the podcast and look forward to the future episodes!


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